Graffiti Removal Services

graffiti-wall-beforeGraffiti Removal Services has been in the graffiti removal business for over 12 years, operating in and around the Perth metro area.

We specialise in removing any and all sorts of graffiti, small or large and have many happy clients across the government, educational and private sectors.

To discuss your graffiti removal needs, please ring a technician on 0417-778-669 or you can email us using the form on the Contact Us page – please allow up to 48 hrs for reply to emails. If you’re in a hurry or just prefer to talk to a live person, then please ring rather than email us.

There are in excess of 20 different methods for removing graffiti.

Specialised equipment is also requiring, including:

  • Hot water (steam pumps)
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Waste recovery vacuum systems
  • Airless spray-painting equipment

Numerous graffiti removal chemicals are required – all have been approved by the WA State Govt Dept of Housing & Works.