Graffiti Removal Products

At Graffiti Removal Services, we carry a range of products designed to remove graffiti.

Graffiti removal is considered to be the most difficult of all specialised cleaning services. We now sell a range of graffiti removers and hardware developed over 30 years of hands on experience.

NOTE: These products are not available for sale to private individuals. They are only available for sale to contractors or commercial/govt enterprises.

Customer Testimonials


Grafito NSW
“You have turned graffiti removal into child’s play!”

Mr Ken Peart, Neighbourhood Watch Campbelltown
“We have never had a failure since using World’s Best Graffiti Removers. So far we have removed over 94,000 tags in seven years so we would know….”

Mr John Thornton,
“It is ten times faster than anything we have ever used before!”

Mr Glenn Clough, 21st Century Graffiti Stoppers, NSW
“I am achieving great results with the Spray Can Paint Removers on bricks, concrete etc. and as a result I would like to order some more….
I have tried a couple of other products that sales people have asked me to try and nothing comes close to your product.”



Doing the job quickly and safely are the key elements for success. Our core range of removers give immediate results and are safe and enjoyable products to use.

Bare Brick Stone and Masonry Graffiti Removal ‘BARE BRICK’ STONE AND MASONRY GRAFFITI REMOVER
An easy to apply remover for spray can paints on bare brick, stone and masonry that is used in conjunction with a small pressure cleaning machine. It has an incredibly consistent 98% success rate with one application. This innovative product is outstanding.
Economical brush-on/wipe-off easy to use product for removing felt pens, wax crayons, markers and most spray can paints from any surface (including painted surfaces) without damage. It is truly remarkable and saves many architectural items from having to be repainted or replaced.
Graffiti Removal for Felt Pens FELT PEN FADEOUT
A world first – enabling the removal of permanent markers (which have impregnated or left a stain) from paint work, plastics, precast concrete, granite, terrazzo, stone and marble. People cannot believe what they are actually seeing in front of their eyes – and neither will you, we guarantee it. 
Heritage Graffiti Removal NOW AVAILABLE!
Specially designed for sensitive historic and important buildings to remove graffiti from stonework, brickwork and masonry without damage.
Graffiti Removal Starter Pack THE GRAFFITI REMOVAL STARTER PACKAn all inclusive kit to start a graffiti removal operation. The package includes advice and a demonstration of safe product use.


Is it Environmentally Safe?

To our knowledge, these are the only totally effective Graffiti Removal Products that are pollution free!

We believe nothing other than pure rain water should enter our precious rivers and drains which is why we have incorporated our products and techniques into a 100% environmentally sustainable system.

  • Our graffiti removal products have been accepted for use in World Wilderness and Heritage areas.
  • Two thirds of our system is “wipe on – wipe off” using recycled cloths.
  • Our products contain no phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, Xylene or any other products known to cause health or disposal problems for graffiti removal technicians.
  • All our products are 100% biodegradable.
  • All our products meet U.S EPA standards and California Volatile Organic compound regulations.
  • As part of our graffiti removal system and training all rinsing water is collected if located close to main drains or rivers.
  • Our Bare Brick Stone and Masonry remover is so effective that one application is usually all that is required. This means that only one rinse is required, saving any unnecessary water wastage.

For More Information…

For more information about our range of Graffiti Removal products, please ring Martin Softly on 0417-778-669.